Music party in Pilgrim

21 November

Sergey Lisichenko, a graduator of the center of children’s rehabilitation “ Republic “ Pilgrim” and now the student of Mariupol Musical College organized a concert of classical music for pilgrims alongside with his classmates.

Lately Sergey has been fond of Saxophone playing and what is why on graduating from secondary school in Pilgrim he decided to enter Mariupol – at the wind instrument department. The teacher in the Music School Tatyana Serdukova who actually brought the students to Pilgrim to make a concert admits that Sergey is very hardworking and talented. Today he played for his friends a piece of classic by Hachaturian (“ Andantino”).

The breath quartet with the works by Grig and by Chaikovsky “Baba Yaga” and Rakhmaninov “Feast” also performed before the folks. The duet of violin and fortepiano played “A concert for a violin with orchestra” by Ridding and

“A sovereign of the world”. The compositions of fortepiano bond, vocal works sounded there too.

This week the bond of folk instruments had a concert in Pilgrim and made a great impression on the pilgrims. Each of them listened and was charmed by the playing of folk instruments and by the music itself.

Similar concerts in “Pilgrim” take place rather often. The children are getting used to the classical music and some of them afterwards choose the way of life like the one Sergey Lisichenko had chosen one day.


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