The Charity Fund “ Pilgrim”

09 September

The Charity Fund “ Pilgrim” carries out in Mariupol the largest rehab project at the territory of Ukraine for adults and kids with drug addiction. Presently only in the Center of children’s rehabilitation “ Republic Pilgrim” about 100 adolescents of the most difficult social category have their adaptation program. Those are the kids of sewers and streets and the majority of them have real and often deep drug addiction.

Since February 2000 over 4000 adolescents have passed through the children’s center and over 60% of them could return to their families and state orphanages, many of the teenagers were taken to patronage families and some of them are adopted.

Several years ago one more project started functioning in the Charity fund “ Pilgrim” and its purpose is for each kids to be taken into family. 12 foster families have been created and up to 10 kids live in each of them. One of the foster homes are specialized to adopt HIV+ kids. This is the only foster home of such kind at the territory of the former CIS.

The vision for the nearest years for the development of family forms of raising orphansbuilding of the whole village for families with adopted/fostered kids.

Alongside with the children’s center there is a whole chain of rehab centers for adults.. This project occupied with its work 20 regions in Ukraine and Russia. A few thousands of people have already got back to normal life from the drug bondage. In total over 300 persons with deep drug addiction have been having their rehab course in these centers presently.

The ideological mastermind of the founding of the Charity Fund “ Pilgrim” has been Gennadiy Mokhnenko – the senior pastor of “The Churches of Good Changes” in Mariupol, the founder of rehab centers for adults, the adoptive father of 33 kids and adolescents, the overseer of the Priazovsky Region of the Church of God of Ukraine. Gennadiy is also an initiator of the action that fights against the illegal sale of drugs “Sick of it”. He is a historian, a sociologist, a religious scholar, Master of Divinity, a missionary and a journalist. He has published a few of remarkable books: “ To execute not to show mercy”, “ Non pedagogical poem”, “ Back to holy Rus? or to the “age-old rot and mold”? He has been also an active host of such TV programs as “ Two brief cases” and “ Different prospective”, he is a blogger and he annually takes part in the Ukrainian – American missionary project in Africa.

The Charity Fund “ Pilgrim” ahead with the Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko alongside with other Slavic pastors and TV channel TBN started in 2008 a national action of adoption ‘ You will be found” with the purpose to call unto Christian families to adopt orphans in Ukraine, Russia , Belarus and other countries of post-soviet space.

This project which started in 2011 and ended in 2018 had grown into the large – scale action – the world wide bike tour “ The World without orphans!”. Pastor Gennadiy with his adopted kids, former street kids, have ridden on bikes over the whole Globe in a few stages.

The purpose of the project is to inspire people to family forms of raising kids, to discredit the myths about adoption, to create informational occasions in the subject of eradication of orphanhood in the world.

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