Fan Club “Pilgrim” – one of the best soccer fans

12 March

Citizens of the “Republic Pilgrim” – are biggest fans of Mariupol Football Club “Illichivets.” Fan Club “Pilgrim” is on a special account, according to city officials and the public – they are the best fans – the most organized, active and sincere.

Deputy Mayor of Mariupol Lubomir Paliy personally invited children of rehabilitation center “Republic Pilgrim” at a meeting with the soccer team, “Illichivets.” The meeting was attended by special guests Mayor Yuri Hotlubey, CEO of Mariupol team leader Vladimir Boyko, the players and the coaching team of” Illichivets”, as well as local media.

At the last meeting, summed up the first round of the Ukrainian soccer championship, the representatives of fan clubs were able to ask different questions about training, the mood in the team, about future plans for the remainder of the championship, etc. Also at the meeting were presented awards to representatives of the various fan clubs, among who was the fan club “Pilgrim.” The children were presented with the ball and calendars with the logo of the team “Illichivets.”

After the official part, pilgrims asked for autographs from players, and took pictures with them.

Andrei Lysenko, teacher CBD “Republic Pilgrim”: “It was a great time for kids. Pilgrims were ecstatic, many of them have never seen live so close to professional soccer players! Children received lots of positive emotions, and promised that there will be even greater support at home games of “Illichivets. ‘”

After a few days the Pilgrims were able to keep the promise. They with a special passion were shouting for their favorite team at the meeting “Illichivets” against Donetsk “Shakhtar”. The fight was tough, but interesting. During the match won, “Miner,” 2-1.

Lubomir Paliy thanked for their support and invited to the next match which will be held on March 25. Pilgrims would be glad to come and support another important game – this time, “Illichivets” will take Kiev “Dynamo”.


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