“House of Dreams “can become the pride of the country

13 February

Family home for children with HIV-positive status, which for several years operates at Fund “Pilgrim” in Mariupol nominated for one of the highest awards in Ukraine – “Pride of the country.” At this stage it is in the process of voting, which is open to all.

National Award “Pride of the country,” handed to Ukrainians – people whose heroic deeds, sincere souls and their lives are admired and pride. This award is for those whose deeds are sometimes invisible in daily life, but worthy of attention and awards.

One of these stories, who lives and continues to evolve – the history of the family, which is always a place for the most vulnerable category – children with HIV-positive status.

Yevgeniy and Svetlana Isayev for several years devoted their lives to orphaned children who are destined to a life only in orphanages. Isayevs believe that they can help overcome illness if children are in the family and continue their work.

For the first time Yevgeniy and Svetlana Isayev where in the national media spotlight four years ago, when in 2007 the family adopted a baby from the first Makeyevka specialized orphanage for abandoned children. Then the wife promised that it will not stop, and soon adopted the second, and then took custody of several children with a positive HIV status.

Today, family has 11 children, seven of them – are HIV positive.
For their heroic deeds, Svetlana Isayeva in 2009 was awarded the Order of Princess Olga III degree. At the end of 2011 the family became the winner in the regional program “Crystal Heart”. For warmth, caring and understanding Isayev family won the “Big Heart” award.

Today the “House of Dreams” was nominated for national award “Pride of Ukraine”. In order to help the family to become a winner, you can vote once a day on the site http://www.gordist.org/hero/simeyna_istoriya/

Their story is on the first page. Under the photo of Svetlana and Eugene is a green button that says “vote.” On the button, simply press and in response will say “your voice counted” A similar procedure can be done once a day from each computer. Voting will continue until March 25, inclusive, after which the panel of judges will count the votes in the official and solemn ceremony the winners, will be awarded prizes



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