The children’s hunger strike “Bread and water for Ukraine!”

27 January

The former street kids, orphans and youth declared that they go on hunger strike against invasion of Putin in Ukraine!


The president of the charity fund “Pilgrim”, the adoptive father of 32 children, pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko told at the press- conference that after Mariupol was attacked the urgent meeting of the government of the Republic Pilgrim gathered. The kids that had to be evacuated couple times within the last year and the relatives of some of them suffered at the attack, so they decided to go on hunger strike.


Gennadiy Mokhnenko: “At first what I heard from them scared me but then I decided to support their initiative but with amendment that we are not going to let them go completely hungry. The only thing we can let them do is to go on bread and water. We hope in such a way to attract attention of the world publicity and to emphasize: “we don’t need somebody to come here to rescue us”!


The hunger strike on bread and water has started today and the kids themselves shared their impressions:

Daniel Kakushin, the president of Republic Pilgrim: “We want to tell Putin that this war is to be stopped! We don’t want them to shoot at us; we want to live peacefully as we did before”.

Eduard: “I want to tell Putin, let him send his own sons to war. We don’t want to live under shootings. We don’t need them to come and rescue us; we used to live in peace before they came”.

Vanya: “My brother’s house was damaged by the shell. They try to rebuild it now. I am ready to go on bread and water for people to stop this war”.


The full text of the declaration of hunger strike for the peace sake in Ukraine states:

“ We –  the children from Mariupol center of children’s rehabilitation “ Republic Pilgrim”, teenagers and young people of Mariupol,  of Ukraine as well as all those who will support us in this action from other cities and countries? – We demand of Russian president to immediately stop the bloody war in Ukraine he started!


We also demand urgent reaction from the world political and social leaders and radical all- range support of Ukraine facing the occupation from Russia.


In order to render at least this help we can to the soldiers, defenders of Ukraine and to the children in our country who suffer from war and aggression of the neighboring country, – WE DECLARE HUNGER STRIKE.



We (who signed this paper below) the teenagers and youth of Mariupol (and whose adults who wish to join us) are starting the action “Bread and water for Ukraine!” during several days (according to how long each person is able to) we are going to refuse from normal food and we are going to eat only bread and water. Money that will be saved on our food will be given to the defenders of our country.


Everyone who would like and is able to join us in our action (wherever you are) please do it, support our action: “Bread and water for Ukraine!”


You can join to our group “Bread and water for Ukraine” in any social network and post your picture with the hash tag #breadandwaterforukraine


1. Make your selfie with bread and water and post it in any of social networks with # breadandwaterforukraine

2.  Send this picture to our group

Or to our email:



2. Stay on strike with us for how long you can and posting the picture daily to support our action and sending it to be published on our pages.

3. If you can you can also send the money that you saved on food to support the defenders of Ukraine.

Also you can send your support on the account of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim” and we take an obligation to pass it on to the defenders of Mariupol and we will be certainly accountable for it.


Here is the link how to make donations in any form suitable for you:





President of “Republic Pilgrim” Kakushin Daniel ( 13 years old)

The Prime – Minister – Gorshkova Olena (16 years old)

The Minister of Justice – Malykhina Darya (13 years old )

The Minister of Defense – Alexeyev Sergii (15 years old)

The former street kids, the children of the Center of Children’s Rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”

Children, adolescents and young people of the city of Mariupol.

Each photo with bread and water you post will be considered as your signature under this action.


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