The twelfth adopted son of the chaplain Albert Khomyak.

19 September

The social services came to the “Republic Pilgrim” for help. They asked to take into the center a 13-year-old boy temporarily, for the time of his medical examination.  Afterwards the boy was to be taken to a special boarding school for kids with mental flaws. But did the boy really need to be in such a boarding school?

Ruslan’s mother had been deprived of maternal rights long ago. And the child was left without parental care. The boy needed family any way but he was not retarded or unbalanced.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the director of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”: As soon as we have seen the boy we doubted he had any mental problems and that he needed to be in a specialized boarding school. Ruslan was very friendly, didn’t show signs of aggression, easily adjusted to the schedule of the center as well as to its collective”. 

In a definite period of time the mentors noticed that he was in a bad mood and there were often tears in his eyes. It turned out to be that the boy didn’t want to leave Pilgrim and to go to the specialized boarding school.  It upset him so much that he cried.

One of these days the war chaplain Albert Khomyak came to Pilgrim with the team of volunteers. They brought gifts for the kids and they arranged the time of fellowship where Ruslan met Albert.

They boy got to know that Albert is an adoptive father who takes kids from the center to his place at the weekends. Ruslan wanted to come and visit them too.

The stuff of the Pilgrim told Albert the teenager’s story and that if nobody adopts him he will be taken to the specialized boarding school. Albert made a decision to adopt him almost right away. Regardless of judicial difficulties he didn’t give up and due to his persistence, willingness and due to the help of the city social services his 14th birthday Ruslan celebrated already in the circle of his new family.

“Pilgrim” played a vital part in the life of the boy. It is here he revealed his character and talents, proved by his behavior that it would have been a great mistakes of the officials if they had taken him to the pitiful life in that specialized boarding school for kids with mental problems. However instead of the unviable destiny he gained family, brothers and a lot of friends in the “Republic Pilgrim”.


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