Holiday of harvest

12 October

The beginning of fall is high time to harvest the crops. And high time to have a special holiday devoted to the harvest in “Republic “Pilgrim”. It’s hard to find a place on the planet Earth where the consumers would be more grateful to God for the food on their tables.

With the help of harvest holiday the pedagogues tried to focus attention of the children on the variety of fruits and vegetables who gifted Ukraine abundantly.

Preliminarily in republic there was a contest of ikebana and application in the fall theme that’s why the party hall for the event was colorfully decorated with the handmade items made of natural materials by the kids themselves.

They couldn’t certainly do without a theatre scene but the favorite moment for them was still the cooking contest where the guys were preparing easy courses, shed tears cutting onions. And the competition in finding ingredients for the salad provoked a huge agiotage.

It worth mentioning that everything that was on the tables was eaten by kids without reminder ( water-melons, melons, apples) and in the evening they tried sweet baked pumpkin surprise and made a vegetable ragout. To the great surprise of the mentor Victoria who thoroughly cooked the pumpkin, none of them had ever tried it before. They asked with bewilderment what it was. But this brand new course pleased them.

The mentors told the kids that the tradition of the holiday of harvest originated from Israelites who expressed their gratitude to God for the good harvest in such a way. The evening was finished with the prayer of thanks to God that He feeds, blesses and never leaves hungry.


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