The new goverenment of the republic “Pilgrim”

02 December

In the state of the former street kids the elections have just passed and the new government has been elected. It was unusual elections. Not only citizens of the Republic had right to vote but the parishioners of the Church of Good Changes could vote too.

The term of presidency of the previous President Slava Smyslov came to the end. He didn’t try to offer his candidacy again and gave an opportunity to the new generation to show themselves at the responsible positions.

Each candidate had their own platform and the voters could learn it before the palls. The decision was made that the Church members can vote too. There were special posters with candidates’ platforms and biography and the nominal boxes for electoral bulletins. Church reacted the call vividly and came to vote for the candidates dropping the bulletin in the box of a definite candidate. The citizens of the Republic voted next day. As a result the max votes were for Nikita Gavrilov who became the 5 th President of Republic “ Pilgrim”, Victor Laptev – Prime Minister, The only girl – Nastya Raskatova became a complex minister who is responsible for many spheres of the Republic. Sergey baranov has headed the Ministry of Justice and Nikolay Rybakov – for the finances of the Republic. Those kids who were not elected to be in the government still have an active position and help about “Pilgrim”.

Each member of the government has their definite rights and duties which were read to them at the solemn ceremony on inauguration of the President. The new made ministers pronounced the oath putting their hand on the Bible and the constitution of the state of former street kids. All the inhabitants of the Republic prayed for the new government and they had a solemn banquette afterwards.


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