Life under the bridge

21 October

10-year-old Lyosha Chernyshov with his friends – street kids found a place under the bridge one day where one can sleep. They decided to settle there…

Lyosha was born and grew up in a large family with Mom and Dad, grandma and granddad. However one day his mother was deprived of maternal rights for constant drunken parties and the boy himself after numerous runaways from home was taken to the local orphanage of the town named Krasnoarmeisk.

Alexey: “I don’t know myself what occurred to me that I started running away from home. I had been in the camp before and as they locked us we learned to jump from the window to get some water. So I learned to run away from home. I started wandering with my bodies, then found a place under the bridge, – a hole where actually it is possible to sleep. I begged some money to buy some food, and then slept. Later 2 friends of mine joined me.”
The boy didn’t like staying in the orphanage so much. One day during the walk outside he decided to run away. In order to hide himself from the police he took an electric train to Donetsk. Later he came to Mariupol where he was living under a boat on the beach.
Lyosha: “I, saw a stadium when I got to Donetsk, trams and I also begged in a cafe and people gave me hamburgers. I liked it. And in Mariupol I slept under the boat. The sea is so big… one day I came to a local bar to get some food and the local inhabitants called to police and told them that there were 3 street kids in the bar. Those two friends of mine ran away and I stayed there to talk to a man who had found a treasure – 8 grivnahs. And them the police came and took me to “Pilgrim”.
Corr.: Did you like the “Pilgrim”?
– I like it here. It’s ok. I liked writing 3 pages of good words. Dima helped me, he knows so many of them!
Corr.: Was it kind of punishment to write 3 pages?
– I am guilty myself I shouldn’t fight. You know just one girl was unscrewing my hands and I hit her leg. In general the mentors are kind here, it’s a Christian church and you can’t say rude words and fight.
Lyosha will have to earn 5 remarkable stars to pass the intensive department course and go to the team. Normally the term of first rehabilitation lasts 21 days, but Lyosha has all the chances to get to the team much faster. And so far he gets acquainted with the guys and mentors. The boys in their turn advertise the life in the team to him. They say; “Can you imagine, in the team there is no daytime sleep!”


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