Women on rehab can do a whole lot with God

26 July

The guests from the US have led the service for women on rehab in the village of Chervone, Demjanovka and from the adaptation center of the Charity Fund “Pilgrim”. The purpose of the event is to make closer friends and to help the women get affirmed that they are capable of great stuff when they walk with God.

The service actually has started with a tea time and fellowship. The US women heard the testimonies about how lives of the Ukrainian women have changed after coming on rehab. After that Liliya Chernous (North Carolina) and Olga Donets (California) did seminars for them.

This time sisters from the USA also shared their experience and the word of God. Olga was talking about church that should stay pure and wait upon the Groom. We should be ready to meet the Christ and God cleanses us through difficulties. We can do a lot if we learn to forgive remembering the love and the forgiveness of the Christ and His sacrifice. Each woman can give herself to others who need support and understanding. Olga called upon the women to start ministering to others and God will give back 100 times.

At the end of the service the women were praying about purification, restoration for God to carry on doing His work in them and through them.

Liliya Chernous reminded to those who heard her seminar in Ukraine two years ago from ECCL. 3:1-8 that there is time for everything.

The prayer for those on rehab, their ministers and young mother with their little kids finished the service. Pleasant ending was warm fellowship and presents for each woman.


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