In Mariupol, Russians shot the daughter of pastor Gennady Mokhnenko from a tank

19 March

On March 13, in Mariupol, as a result of shelling by the occupier, the daughter of the pastor of the Church of Good Changes and the founder of the largest in Europe Children’s Center ” Republic Pilgrims”Gennady Mokhnenko, was killed. He spoke about this on his Facebook page.
“Putin’s scum killed my daughter in Mariupol. Rescuing us from the “evil Bandera” and “returning to the bosom of the Slavic peoples and the Russian world,” they fired from a tank into the apartment recently received by Vika, a former orphan,” the pastor said. – As Putin says – “as part of the operation of” demilitarization “and” denazification “… To the apartment of an orphan, my 27th adopted daughter, from a tank… As part of” demilitarization “… Do you hear it all, Russians? All of you who are “out of politics”, who believed for eight years in “They are not there?” You hear??? Nonhumans, do you hear??? To an orphan’s apartment from a tank… “demilitarization”…
However, they will tell you on TV that this, like the aerial bombs that are raining down on Mariupol right now, is just a Ukrainian fake. This, of course, is all “the Azov regiment is doing in my city.” And “my daughter” is not an orphan, but a dummy fashion model… “These are all insidious provocations of the West, NATO and the CIA… And your tanks naturally “save” us and our children.” Inhumans. Heaven will present you with a bill… For lies, for silence, for cowardice and stupid eight years of agreeing to be deceived by propaganda. For non-resistance to usurpers and Chekist maniacs who seized your country…
However, you are already paying in thousands of your sons-occupiers, whose bodies are rotting in the fields of Ukraine… And I asked you, begged you, exhorted you… What are you doing? Now I am not very able to reflect… Like many fathers, mothers at such a moment… Forgive me, Daughter, that I could not protect you. I really tried.”



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