Rehabilitation for adults

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«Republic Pilgrim»

It is a powerful rehab mechanism for kids who experience fear, lies, drugs and the absence of goals in life come due to the absence of parents, home, love and quality upbringing. It leads to the collapse in their lives. We have been doing our best to bring them back to stability and confidence in the fact that they are needed and in demand in the society and that they can develop their talents.

«You will be found»

The search for adoptive parents for orphans has grown into a grandiose project – the worldwide bike tour” The World without orphans”. The former street kids, adoptive parents, activists have ridden on their bikes around the Globe since 2011. They called unto people to adopt orphans, to take them in their homes and destroyed existing myths about adoption.

The Quiet Harbor Hospice

The Quiet Harbor Hospice in the village of Demyanovka works with elderly people who at the end of their lives remained on their own, with a burden of disease and without a livelihood. Many elderly people are not able to serve themselves, are abandoned by their relatives, and therefore need constant supervision.

«The Young Mother»

The project renders assistance of different kind to women who found themselves in tough life circumstances: to young mothers, to mothers – orphans, to single Moms, victims of violence in family. We give them the opportunity to start a new life, learning to take care of their kids, of the household and to build a family of full value.


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