Buy a sheep for the Pilgrim herd!

26 May

Spring at Pilgrim, like in the rest of the world, turned out to be difficult. The unstable economic situation in Ukraine has noticeably shaken due to the coronovirus pandemic. Food prices have been raised abruptly, many people have lost their jobs, and means of living have declined. The citizens of the state of former street kids also felt a serious crisis. The solution to the problem was the development of a small subsidiary farm in order to be able to provide the kids with food from their own land plots.
This year, more than ever, Pilgrim is actively working to expand its economy, which would be able to support the nutrition of the kids of the center for children’s rehabilitation, as well as other projects of the Pilgrim Charity Fund. Fund management turned to friends, sponsors, partners for help. The action “Buy a sheep for Pilgrim!” gained momentum and a flock of sheep was purchased by people. Its livestock totals already 90 sheep and 30 more have been ordered. Also there are goats that produce milk, as well as laying hens on the farm. Fishing is also in plans.
This spring, plots of land at the Pilgrim’s dacha were planted with potatoes and other agricultural crops. On the table near the children, Vegetables grown by kids, fruit and berries from their own orchard can appear on children’s tables. There are already more than twenty trees and shrubs in their garden. It is much easier to cultivate the land with the tractor. It became a great help.
Undoubtedly, all this can significantly improve the situation of the children’s center, and also, importantly, it can teach the teens work and responsibilities that will be useful to them in the future.
Employees of the children’s center and the kids themselves are very enthusiastic, since it is not easy to organize a subsidiary farm when there are no stable livelihoods and the country’s economic situation is not improving. The Azov Sea area is being covered with another wave of social orphans and street kids. In summer, the number of street kids can increase, as many of them tend to come closer to the seaside.
That is why the kids of Pilgrim with great gratitude and joy accept any charity help from people who want to support them. With this help they will be able to further develop agriculture, providing themselves and others with high-quality products of their own production.


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