Former Mariupol street kids were rescuing African street kids and conquered Kilimanjaro

04 March

In early February the international team of missionaries from Ukraine, Russia, America gathered by Gennadiy Mokhnenko, it was the first time of the team to come to equatorial Africa, Kenya where they were working in local orphanages and slums and hospitals rendering help to black street kids and orphans. 43 people raised funds, food products and medications, clothes, toys etc. to support and to improve living conditions of the poorest layers of the population of the earth.

The team was split into several parts of volunteers and it gave opportunity to occupy eastern and central part of equatorial Kenya, they were in 5 towns and rendered emergency help as well as financial, food aid to a big number of people.

In their fifth missionary trip for the sake of the dream “World without orphans” three former street kids who raised in Mariupol sewers and then were adopted by Gennadiy Mokhnenko – Andrei Dudin, Slavik Smyslov, Sergey Kucheruk were ministering on the streets of Kenyan towns and visited more than 10 orphanages with the rest of the team, took part in night raids, rescued kids from slums. Within one only night 200 blankets were distributed on streets of Kenyan towns. Several kids were taken from the trash piles and taken to full time orphanages with school.

Gennadiy Mokhnenko, pastor, director of Charity Fund “ Pilgrim”, adoptive father of 32 kids: “ Those pigs in this trash pile have somebody to take care of them but the kids don’t, nobody thinks about them. They sleep on cement floor on piles of trash wrapping themselves into sacks. We made holes in blankets before putting them on kids for the adults not to steal from them. We want people to understand one simple truth – if there are orphans in the world, the problem is not with them, it only means that there is problem with us, adults”.

The team purchased for orphanages much furniture, mattresses, necessary domestic equipment. Lots of food aid was rendered. Over 10 tons of maize was taken to families and orphanages – it is the most popular food there. Also for the improvement of quality of food the whole flocks of goats and camels were bought for them.

Also beside financial investments of the volunteers 2 well were opened and it will let thousands of Kenyans in radius of 6 miles to have in their disposal water good for drinking. Also Gennadiy Mokhnenko alongside with the part of volunteer group was in the desert where they didn’t have water for about 2 years. And the team decided to help them with water and necessary medications.

Very important in the ministry to the poorest layers of population of Africa were mobile medical points. Volunteers were rendering emergency aid in remote areas where there never doctors and nurses come. All the team members were helping professional doctors to examine all the people there, they were treating festering wounds of people, invested money in serious medical survey, bought necessary technical equipment for hospitals in big cities. Also big families who had a big need in dwelling places were given a house and a piece of land around, as well as clothes and necessary items.

After 10 days of active volunteer work the part of the team went to Tanzania where the highest mountaintop Kilimanjaro was conquered. Three former street kids from Mariupol stormed the mountain with the call for adoption. It was not the first time when Andrei, Slava and Sergey were making extreme ascension for the sake of the dream – world without orphans. The former street kids, children from the “Republic Pilgrim” adopted by Gennadiy Mokhnenko had already conquered Elbrus, Ararat and American volcano Reiner.

The current action of ascension has become the first step in spreading the vision of adoption and families for kids in order to support the dawning movement “Africa without orphans”. After their ascension on the height 19340 Ft they gave press conference to the local journalists. And Gennadiy Mokhnenko pointed out that there are some more ideas how to advance the vision of adoption on the African continent.

Gennadiy Mokhnenko, pastor, Director of the charity fund “Pilgrim”, adoptive father of 32 kids: “We think that the problems of orphans can be solved. The humankind can provide each abandoned child with a family. It is just necessary to reach out to people with this idea and to raise the culture of adoption to the proper level”.

Fearless conquerors of mountaintops raised the banners of Pilgrim, of Mariupol, of Ukraine and of the project “World without orphans” on the top of Kilimanjaro. Beside Gennadiy Mokhnenko and his adopted sons the international coordinator of the movement “World without orphans” and representatives from Kenya and the US also took part in the ascension.


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