Wonderkinders in Pilgrim

22 April

“Children in “ Republic “Pilgrim” must be talented and skilled, to be capable of more than ordinary home children are!” – pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko declared. Consequently, the club under the prophetic title “Wonder kinder” has been opened.

April 2009 was marked by the opening of facultative club in learning of basic skills of using computer and English. The ministers have a very serious task to stick together little geniuses. And the most important – impart them the confidence that they can do it, that they are the best…

The children from 12 years old and older were subdivided into groups Alfa and Omega. Within the first 2 months according to the idea of the organizers, the children have to master the basic course in the given subjects.

At English classes, for instance, the teacher Natalya Miroshnychenko introduces sounds and letters of English ABC to the children in the form of game ( in the public school they learn German), with the reading rules, and the most important – communicative English, everyday phrases. Among the children there are some gifted but there are also those who show pointed refusal from taking additional efforts after classes. After the very first lesson the children practices their skills with the guest from Seattle who gladly helped those who tried to pronounce so common phrases for him.

The computer classes seem even harder for the kids, most of them don’t show interest in learning basic skills of computer using except for several boys – most probably – future hackers. According to the teachers, the lack of skills in study affects very much especially in study of such a complicated subject as computer science. However their efforts were not vain n- the teachers are sure. Computer is a modern tool for communication and work nowadays, and that’s why it worth knowing how to use such a technique.

In the plans of the club “ Wonder kinder” the training to diving (underwater swimming), the traffic rules and scooter riding as well as video shooting and editing. And so far the wonder children jump on the trampoline and enjoy the beams of spring sun. They will have to realize the sense of the popular wisdom: “ Perseverance wins”.


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