Coming back of Budulai

07 August

After 4 years of wandering in gipsy camps the ex-president of the state of former street-kids “Republic “ “Pilgrim” has come back to his state, the only president of gipsy origin Roman Arzhynt.

At the age of 12 Roman had come to “ Pilgrim”: illegible, hungry, with the baggage of wandering and trifle larceny behind his shoulders. In order to find some food to feed the gipsy family which he worked for Roman pretended to be a legless handicapped and begged on the roads of Mariupol, hopping on crutches between the traffic. The teen didn’t see either family or future. He was taken in a raid and taken to “Republic “ Pilgrim”. The boy actually didn’t resist to be taken and shortly he got used to the schedule of the orphanage and even didn’t intend to run away from there.

He conquered the authority among the pilgrims and when there was time for elections to be held in republic for the new president of it to be elected, the pilgrim people decided that Roman will do well as for the president’s duties. Roman ran the state, developed, learned to read and write which he couldn’t do before coming here.

One day the news had come that his relatives were found. He was thrilled and happy and decided he should go to live with them. For his foster father Gennadiy Mokhnenko it was hard to let him go, realizing that the life of gipsy is full of problems and misfortunes, but he didn’t have right to forbid him to go to see his native people.

It’s been 4 years after that. In “ Pilgrim” they heard that Roman was wandering alongside with his gipsy camp, that he got married and has 2 daughters already. There was no hope that Roman can come back one day.

But God makes the destinies of people in a miraculous way.
In the mid July the gipsy camp stepped the threshold of “ Pilgrim”. Ahead of the team there was grown up Roman. Everybody was glad to see him: his childhood friends, mentors and certainly his foster father Gennadiy.

The guy told that he was wandering alongside with the gipsy team and presently his wife’s parents don’t allow them to see each other and he didn’t see his daughters for a long time. The problems grew around Roman as a snowball. There was no way to solve them. Having hit the bottom Roman made a decision to come back to “ Pilgrim”. He took along his 13-year-old sister as well as several nephews – his brother’s kids.

Roman Arzhynt : « At some point I realized that I have nothing closer and dearer than “Pilgrim”. I wish I could take my wife here and I hope one day God will help me to do it. I want to be with my pilgrim friends full time and with pastor Gennadiy. If God permits it will be all solved.”

Gennadiy Mokhnenko, pastor, president of the Charity Fund “Pilgrim”: “ The result of the work of “ Pilgrim” cannot be seen at once, not always there is a rapid effect that we expect. But the touch of light on these kids, touch of good, faith never leaves completely. The one who experienced God once, served to Him, can not go far away from Him. Roman Arzhynt is a good example of it. He has been living in the shadow of light for 4 years but still couldn’t be completely imprisoned by the world of evil. That is why he is here today, like a prodigal son coming back to his father, Roman is coming back to the place where we had a real freedom and he felt so good”.

Presently Roman Arzhynt is making documents and he’s going to leave alongside with his new foster brothers and sisters in the foster family “ The guards” where the adoptive father and mentor – Gennadiy Mokhnenko. According to Gennadiy in the nearest prospect of Roman – there’s study, search of a job and simply living in the midst which had given him a chance to have a good future.

( the author’s note: “Budulai” is a common gipsy name well known from the famous Russian movie).


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