Risen from hell

11 November

Fayne Igor as all the other boys in due time used to play soccer, listened to music, went to Kiev until it came to his life. First either out of curiosity or because many senior friends tried it, and being guided by the principle “ you must try everything in life” he tried everything…

6 years every day and methodically the drug was killing Igor.

He as all the other addicts was sure 100% that he can give up this fatal habit any time. He used it for high, for fun and for raising his mood and he didn’t notice that he had been diving into this nightmare, terror and hell more and more. But in the course of time confidence disappeared and it was substituted by hopelessness, apathy and understanding that he is not able to oppose this all- consuming passion. His life turned into hell. The hell for him and for those who are close to him.

The doctors affirm that at present development of pharmacology there’s no problem with the clarification of organism of any undesirable symptoms, whether it be a hop syndrome of alcoholics or abstinent syndrome of drug addicts. Further there are problems. And the main problem – how to fill the emptiness  in life if there are no drugs in it any more?

The Scriptures make an example in the situation when a man having cleaned his house left it empty, not filled with God, and demon came back not alone but led seven other spirits more wicked than himself and the last state of that man is worse than the first. How many times the addicts promised to start a new life? How many times did Igor want to change something in his life? And he didn’t manage it…

In the beginning of 2003 he got to know about the rehab center for addicts “Transformation” in the Chervone village and decided that God himself gives him this chance.

For 9 months he has had his rehab course. He learnt to live having fellowship with God, got necessary and useful habits which consequently helped him to return to the society, to become strong and capable to stand against temptations, desires.

Now he is a student of the Bible school “ Credo”, the pastor of the small group in the Church of Good Changes, he has got a family, a job ( beside away, he brought his wife to the church) He was given all this by God for He saw his patience, diligence and persistence…


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