Your life credo – vagabond, addict, criminal

22 December

Presently Yuriy Kirichenko has a huge luggage of life experience which led him to prison. He couldn’t embody the chances given to him.

Yuriy was born in 1990 in the city of Krasni Liman in a unsafe family. First his parents were just deprived of their parental rights and afterwards they passed away. The further life of the boy was a life of a vagabond. He first came to Pilgrim when he was only 14. His dossier was overfilled with petitions of the teachers who wrote that the boy excessively needed rehab course. He can’t study steadily, runs away, lives on street and eventually uses drugs. Yuriy has been to many cities: was born in Krasni Liman, his guardianship was in Kramatorsk, was in a dark list in the police in Kharkiv ( criminal case).

He merged in Mariupol accidentally. Since 2004 his chronicle has been making already under the supervision of “Pilgrim». But the adolescent used to run away from the center regularly. The executive director of the children’s rehab center “Republic “Pilgrim” Tatiana Karpukhina tells that the teenager was almost uncontrollable, however, when he was living in “Pilgrim” there was a moment when he stopped running away and started learning. But it didn’t last long… The deep drug addiction of the boy didn’t let him go and he continued running away again and again.

In the next raid when they were looking for street kids on streets and basements Yuriy was found strongly beaten and in a critical state of intoxication. He was very close to death when was taken by ambulance to hospital. As soon as he came to in the hospital, Yuriy ran away from their in search of drugs, stealing and robbing local citizens.

In the 6th of December he turned 18. He is an adult now, he is under examination and is located in an investigatory insulator. Probably, he is threatened with term: for the past offences, for the present ones and just in case for the future ones…the workers of “ Pilgrim” know that sometimes it is better for such kids to be imprisoned for this is the only chance for them to survive – hopefully to stop using drugs.


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