Delighted by hygiene

15 October

Everything about hygiene or how to be clean. The lecture under such a title these days was listened to by the male half of the children of the children’s center “Republic “ Pilgrim”.

The boys living in the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “ Pilgrim”, in their time got used to live in the unsanitary conditions. Any rules connected with own maintenance and personal hygiene are unnatural for them. But in the state of former street kids they believe that “cleanliness is precondition of health”. And that is why the boys couldn’t escape the lecture in hygiene. They were gathered separately and the medical worker Olga Mamai started making a speech in care of hands, feet, oral cavity and genitals. It is not hard to guess that the latest provoked much laughter and full delight.

Having started with the necessity of brushing teeth twice a day and of changing the toothbrush once a month, Olga finished with the rules of maintenance of intimate places of the boys. They listened to her very attentively, literally with their mouth open. At the end of the lecture one of the pilgrims Stas Bulgakov asked with surprise:
– Missis Olga, how can you know all these rules, were you a boy in your childhood?…


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