The Anniversary in the Charity Fund “Pilgrim”. The 30th rehab center for addicts and alcoholics was started.

11 July

This region differs from others because namely there the places of cultivation and spread of such drugs as marihuana and opium are concentrated. And from there it is spread all over the country. That is why one of the churches of the city of Chernovci addressed to the fund “Pilgrim” with the request to start one more rehab center at their church. People come to the rehabilitation, the building for the work already exists and the work has already been started. The director of the congregation of the rehab centers “Transformation” Alexander Matushin emphasized that the missionary who went there is a good Christian strengthened in God. Alexander Kovalenko came to Jesus 2 years ago , he had passed the rehab course in one of the centers. They are convinced in “Transformation” that none but the former addict who had his own way to God can understand another addict.

Namely having such confidence the missionaries Vitaliy Kuznetsov and Ivan Balabanov left for Slavyansk and Artyomovsk accordingly. Those teams who will raise the rehab work with them are going to come there shortly.

The financial support of the centers will be carried out on account of the donations of those churches where these centers functions.


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