The Isaevs have updating in their family.

18 December

Two charming girls – Ira and Dasha  – today have got a real family. The spouses Isaevs – the workers of the charity fund “ Pilgrim” have just become official foster parents of the girls. In the nearest future they are planning to adopt them.

It’s Dasha’s birthday. She turned 6 today. She will remember this holiday for a long time for today she got her family.

Ira and Dasha were brought up in the specialized orphanage “ Malutka” where the percentage of kids with HIV+ status is more than percent of healthy ones.These girls are not exception. Their further life was the hospice for invalids if not the family that had fostered them. In a due time they had been taken from the families where parents drank and had an immoral conduct. Ira’s physical Mother is in police search and she’s never made inquires   about her daughter. Both women are deprived of their maternal rights.

Eugen and Svetlana have already had 2 boys with HIV+ status. In the Charity Fund “ Pilgrim” they dream to see how people in Russia and Ukraine will stop being scared of this decease and the HIV positive kids will be adopted.

Today the little girls joyfully met their new large family. All family members including 2-year old Ann have come to take them from the orphanage. The girls had happy smiles ontheir faces hugging their parents. According to mother Svetlana Ira is absolutely Mom’s daughter while Dasha adores Daddy and is frank to him.

In the house of the Isaevs the room and the toys for the girl is ready. Their mother Svetlana hopes that next year the girls will have an opportunity to go to public school and nobody will make obstacles to them.


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