Learn to say “NO” to drugs

11 March

Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko, the initiator of the action of the public protest «Sick of it» has taken the floor at  the city meeting of principles of schools. He has presented the project «Sick of it», having depicted the problem and ways of its decision.

On the termination of the meeting of the heads of educational institutions invited to arrive to their schools for the meeting with the pupils. And already on March, 11th the director of the charity fund “Pilgrim” Gennadiy Mokhnenko has visited one of  the city schools.

Now daily  the employees of  the fund visit the Mariupol educational institutions where  they meet the pupils of 5-11th grades. For teenagers the extensive program is prepared and its purpose –  exposure of false information  about drug “delights” . After all it is easier to warn, than to treat afterwards.

Except lectures before pupils the people who got freed from drugaddiction in the rehab centers of the fund testify. Guys who at early age started to use drugs tell what is not worth doing and how to behave not to conceive a liking for drugs and to pass misfortunes.

The doctor-expert in narcology invited to these meetings, from her side, confirms, that the drug addiction is not only physical illness, but also mental, spiritual. It destroys an organism and the personality and leads to death.

For teenagers the talk show on which there is a live, open conversation takes place and also several documentary and feature films are prepared. Communicating with the former addicts, teenagers set their interesting questions and at once receive frank answers.

The schedule of visiting is worked out for some weeks forward. In total in Mariupol about hundred schools and the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE, and the youth of the fund plans to visit each school and college at least several times.


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