11 June

More than 500 people participated in the manifestation along Donetsk city with headers and pictures of those guys who had already died of drugs, in order to show public and authorities: we are not going to keep silence.

In June, 16th  in Donetsk by the pharmacies where “Tramadol” and “Tramalgin”, hundreds of people gathered who demanded to stop the sale of the most popular narcotic substance among the youth.

Let us remind, more than 3 months ago the action of the public protest “ Sick of it” in Mariupol, and its purpose to prevent the mass trade of drug substances. The substance “Tramadol” and “ Tramalgin” in 2004 the Ministry of Health of Ukraine excluded from the list of poisonous substances, that will result in mass, open trade of this substance. For thousands of young people in Mariupol, Donetsk, Ukraine as a whole and it has become a step forward to deep drug addiction.

In Donetsk, where this drug is sold practically in the center of the city by the University and Regional Administration, the action “ Sick of it” was actively supported by Christian church       “ New generation”. The churches of the Donetsk region of all the confessions – evangelical, Orthodox of Kiev Patriarchy, Ukrainian Greek- Catholic Church and the youth organizations of the region have joined them. All in all under the requirement to stop drug dealing several hundreds of churches and regional organizations have signed. On their request to stop to sell death in the center of the city, the owners of the pharmacies responded with vivid sale of “Tramadol”.

«Sick of it!» – declared the organizers of the action in Donetsk and lead people in the streets.
Among the partakers of demonstrations there were the pupils of the children’s center “Republic“ Pilgrim”, many of them had drug addiction in their past, the young people from different cities of the Donetsk region, the students of Higher Educational Establishments, the parents of drug addicts, former addicts. Everybody who is really sick of the fact that somebody earns  huge money selling legal drug and that the whole generations, present and future of Ukraine, perish –   joined the organizers of the action.  The Donetsk mayor Alexander Lukianchenko as well as All- Ukrainian mass media  have also actively supported the action.

The organizers of the action declared that if the situation doesn’t change and the drugs will still be sold  the participators of the action will pass to more mass actions.


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