“You will be found” in Carpathians

18 September

The former street kids and now adopted children by the workers of the Church of Good Changes and the Charity Fund “Pilgrim”, boys and girls conquered 5 highest mountain tops of Ukraine having accomplished 15-mile-trip. On the top of the one of the most complicated mounts – the Priest Ivan’s Mount, there was a prayer made by kids – special pray for each orphan in Ukraine to be able to live in family with Mom and Dad.

This year the conquering of the Carpathian Mountains was more scale and not less exciting than last year. About 100 people – children and mentors – located in a luxury mountainous suburb Vorokhta with a picturesque view and amazing fresh mountain air.

Having taken the analogy of Saporizhska Sich (a state of Kazaks on the territory of Ukraine – 17th century), ahead with the Hetman Gennadiy Mokhnenko as well as the team leaders – mentors the 4 teams – “Carpathian tigers”, “Rangers”, “Forelocks” and ‘Hungry Kazaks” were fighting for the title of the mightiest Kazaks. For this reason each team had an opportunity to compete in various fields – strength, creativity, sharpness. Many of the competitions were on the water. Even though the Carpathian rivers are shallow in summer in comparison with the level of water in winter and spring everyone could indulge themselves with rafting, hard crossings the river by the rope and simply bathing in clean mountain rivers.

However the bravest and basic was the trip of climbing up on Goverla (6762 ft) that became a stage of the action of national adoption “You will be found”. The pilgrims alongside with those kids who were fostered and adopted by the workers of the church and the fund “Pilgrim” with their parents ascended Goverla where they could face the whole view of the Carpathian range.

In the meantime not all of them descended from Goverla. The oldest children with their parents continued their trip along the Chernogorsky range – the longest mountain route in Ukraine. From Goverla to Black Mountain (Priest Ivan’s Mount) the distance makes 15 miles. About 50 people participants of 3-day-trip spent nights by the mountain rivers. Overcoming terrible tiredness, enjoying incomparable beauty of hundreds of tops, regaling the most delicious mount berries, picking up huge mushrooms the kids and adults regardless of difficulties reached the Black Mount. Last year they failed conquering it because of weather, this year – the top met them with a very cold penetrating wind, black clouds, shower and horrible fog. But all these weather conditions couldn’t stop the courageous tourists this time and the mount was still conquered.

On each top they prayed for Ukraine, native city Mariupol, for those people who regularly support the work of the children’s rehab center. But the main prayer was about the orphans, for each of them to find mother and father.. Thus one more step was taken within the project “You will be found” which purpose is to call upon the Christians to adopt the orphans in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus and in other post soviet states.


Gennadiy Mokhnenko, the president of the Charity Fund “Pilgrim”, a pastor, a foster parent of 13 kids: “We believe that there will be the day when each orphan has their own parents, we are convinced that the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus were and will be ahead of this process. We’ll see the time when there won’t be huge lines of orphans dreaming to be adopted but on the contrary –lines of those adults who make decision to accept a child from a boarding school into their families. In “Pilgrim” there is a much of experience in the sphere of adoption and it shows that the form of family upbringing of the orphans, especially of the difficult category – such as street kids, drug and toxic addicts, is way more efficient. They feel that they are needed, get a sense of life and completely change their priorities. It is so important to grow this generation of abandoned children for them to become the members of full value of our society”.

“You will be found” – one more time declared the former orphans on the highest tops of Ukraine.


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