The rehab center in siberia turned one year old

11 December

The leader of the congregation of rehab centers of Ukraine and Russia Alexander matushin went to Novosibirsk. According to him the year of rehab work was successful. And there were first graduates, and two real Russian log huts where much more people can have their rehab course.

A year ago Vladimir Khomich left for the far Siberia to open the 29th branch of rehab center for addicts.

Work has begun to boil from first days: repair in the old house, and also preparation for construction of the new one had begun. Today already two houses are practically finished, there is a construction of the sauna.. Already the first graduation took place. 9 person firmly stand on their feet, hoping in their life only for God who had given them one more chance of normal life. While they live in the adaptation center which also started working half a year back. There graduates of the rehab center accustom and get used to live in another way. Besides the work with invalids who can work, help on a facilities and also serve God are held in the center. During visit of the head of the rehabilitation centers Alexander Matyushin the engagement took place. Vladimir Homich and his bride Madina have decided to be together for the whole life and to serve Lord together.

According to Alexander Matyushin, many people in settlement already actively support and help the rehabilitation center, but there are also such, who still can’t understand how can it be that God can set free of drugs.  But the team of workers confidently looks forward, understanding, that the Lord has charged to rescue taken on death so, He will not leave. Today in the rehabilitation center there is a need in sisterly service for which the trained command team is necessary. And it means, that process of rehab proceeds, God works in hearts of people, cardinally changing them.


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