Press conference of the former addicts

29 October

In the hall of the “Republic “ Pilgrim” the former addicts gathered and their total drug experience  made 408 years. They drew the sad perspective to those who support the Methadone program: capitulation before the drug, bankruptcy of life, no chance to be set free, death. At the press- conference where all the TV channels and press of Mariupol gathered, the declaration of the workers of the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” has sounded. The appear against the working of replaceable methadone therapy in Ukraine.

There was only a small part of those who had passed the narcology in their life, attempts of committing suicide, prisons. Many of them had a course of treatment in the narcologies of the state without having any positive result. All of them came to the Christian rehab centers as to the last chance in their life.

Ekaterina Danshina, an addict with 4-year- experience had tried in her life very many programs which had to help her to get rid of the drug addiction. Among them there was a Methadone replaceable therapy, directed according to the idea of its founders to the reducing of the drug usage and consequently – full remission.

Ekaterina Danshina: «I used to take the pill of Methadone and I couldn’t sleep at all because of the abstinent I suffered. I took a doze and calmed down a little bit and it is only once a day. As soon as I felt a bit better I went out again with other addicts in search of doze”.
Ekaterina doesn’t take drugs for more than 3 years. She got married, gave birth to a healthy kid. Answering the journalists’ question how she got rid of the addiction she said simply and confidently: “ I came to Mariupol to the Christian rehab center for addicts and God has set me free”.

Gennady Mokhnenko, the director of the charity fund “ Pilgrim, Pastor: “ We address to the addicts of our city. Don’t give in the Methadone program, don’t believe that it will help you to return to life. This is a true death as the Methadone is the same drug and it is impossible to overcome the other drug with its help. We say to the relates of the addicts: “ The Methadone is an absence of any chance that your husband, son or brother will be able to look at you with clear eyes without being drugged. We are against Methadone in Ukraine. America and Europe have already refused from this program because it brought only contrary effect. Now the producers of the Methadone have to sell their goods. They found the way out in the countries of Eastern Europe, in the countries of the former USSR, where for a definite bribe one can legalize any program only to get a large sum. It has happened to Tramadol which had been legalized in a definite time, and so it will be with the Methadone which is already being sold at the markets of Mariupol illegally. The channel was opened to it and now the world’s drug mafia entered Ukraine on Methadone horse as a winner”.

Alexander Matushin, the leader of the congregation of the rehab centers for addicts:“The scheme of Methadone program is simple. The addict is given a dose of methadone, taking away the abstinent syndrome. The addict comes to the senses a little bit, it is not so painful for him any more. But he doesn’t stop to be an addict! He goes further seeking for the dose. You see, an addict is a person who got used to high. He looks for it constantly and finds it by all means: he steals, he plunders, he kills. The Methadone will only help him to go on seeking for the dose and it means the addict will commit crimes twice more than they did before”.

The question of the journalists that the methadone program is directed on the reducing of the affection of HIV of those who use drugs with injections, pastor Gennady answered in the following way: “ It’s too late. HIV in the world and in our city in particular is transferred mainly in a sexual way. A rare addict now uses a needle. The pills substituted it”.

Accepting the Methadone program the state doesn’t give an addict any chance that he will be able to live without drugs. He will get his dose of a drug constantly and it means he will never be able to become a member of society of full value. He dies slowly but for sure and under the patronage of the state.


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