The “Dream House” from “Pilgrim” was at the most popular talk show in the country

05 March

Recently, the studio crew, “Shuster live”, with leading and famous journalist in Ukraine, Savik Shuster – came to shoot program at the “Dream House”. For several years, family of Eugene and Svetlana Isaev adopts and takes custody of children living with HIV /AIDS. The filmmakers shoot a program about their everyday life, joy, and sorrow. A week later, the family traveled to Kiev to shoot a talk show “Shuster live. Adrenalin”, the theme of the program was problems of people living with HIV and AIDS.

To Kiev Isaev family went along with the president of the charity fund “Pilgrim,” Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko, who was also invited to talk show.

For the Isaev’s family it was an amazing trip. From the first hours of their stay in the capital, they were surrounded by the increased attention and concern: housed in a luxury hotel, before the program they had a professional make-up, and carried into the guest room where they waited for their turn to speak. Then children were waiting , they got unexpected and wonderful gifts: 12-year-old Sasha, she was diagnosed a few years ago, at the last stage of AIDS, was given a laptop, Yuri leather football with the words of Euro 2012, and five-year-Anne was surprised with the Barbie doll. The organizers also promised that at the end of the program all of them should be waiting for a huge surprise.

In fact, the talk show was attended by many influential people of Ukraine , two deputies from each region of Ukraine, the clergy of the Moscow Patriarch, guests of the All-Ukrainian Network of PLHIV (people living with HIV), representatives from various foundations and organizations.

The first talk-show topics related to blood transfusions for children and children’s infections immunodeficiency virus in this way, also spoke of the urgent problem of the clinic closer, “Institute of Epidemiology of the virus” at the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, where is the main treatment program for many people living with HIV and AIDS.

The third topic discussed adoption of children with HIV status of people who have the same status.

The first question Savik Shuster asked Svetlana Isayev was: “How were you able to adopt children? Because according to the law in Ukraine it is impossible for HIV-positive people to adopt children?” Svetlana explained that when they first adopt children with HIV and AIDS, there was no law forbidding people with status to do it. Once a law passed, Svetlana made all documentation on herself, and her husband just gave written consent that he does not mind. But, unfortunately, he could not officially become a father for their children, because he has a HIV-positive status.

After that question Eugene Isayev appealed to the deputies of a formal request to amend the legislative framework that would allow HIV-positive people in our country to adopt children with a similar status. Savik put this question to a vote, and as a result 96% of auditory voted to change the law.

On the talk show Savik also asked whether Svetlana and Eugene want take more children into the family. Svetlana said she did not mind, but there are some difficulties. A small house that they live in was purchased by a charity fund “Pilgrim.” The fund gave some money to do full renovation, extensions to the house, bought needed furniture and communication. All these years, the fund “Pilgrim” helped with problems and issues of family Isaev, provided all possible financial, and legal assistance. It was inspired by the idea of ​​Pastor Gennadiy adoption of children, Eugene and Svetlana continued to take in new children to the family. In the near future was a question of fact to make another addition to the house, because at the moment of living space is not enough for all its residents, nine adopted and taken under the care of children in the house of 54 square meters.

Then Savik Shuster turned to the deputies with a request to solve this problem. The great surprise was the response from the deputy Lugansk region, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Trade House Perevalsk Yuri Ternikov. He promised to build for the family large three-story house, if the leadership of Donetsk region will allocate land for construction.

Pastor Gennady Mokhnenko asked to clarify this promise, because many times people have promised to build a house or invest in an existing large sum, but nothing changed. But the deputy Yuri Ternikov loudly declared that promises to allocate 1 million 800 thousand UAH for the construction of a new three-story house on 350 square meters for the large family, and that the 1st of September the children go to school from a new home.

Savik Shuster, in turn, said that the promise was given to the whole of Ukraine and promised to personally follow this process.

Svetlana Isayev: “When we arrived at the studio, Savik Shuster said that we will be positive on this talk show! We loved it! Staff was very attentive and asked all the time; just enough for us, the whole administration has been very hospitable! Show was delayed for 6 hours, but our kids did not go hungry. It was very cool! After leaving the studio children were constantly on the phones calling their friends and acquaintances, talked, talked about their gifts, and their emotions. Such a wonderful day we decided to celebrate in Kiev McDonald’s, after that we came home very tired but happy! “



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