Pilgrims pay tribute to their teachers

14 October

In “Republic “ Pilgrim” unlike in ordinary public schools the teachers are very dear people for the children since they are mostly orphans. That is why they were getting prepared for the Teacher’s day in a special way.

The youngest made a moving wall poster with their congratulations for the favorite teachers. The senior students wrote a script of the concert – gift to the teachers. All the older girls were dressed in princess dresses (like in Middle Ages – those dresses were found in the parcels of humanitarian aid from the US charities). The concert turned into a real ball. The highlight of the program was the Krichuns’ family – 5 kids of gypsy origin who executed several songs in Russian, Ukrainian and Gypsy. All of them are gifted in music by God. They were encored several times.

According to the Principle of the center Tatyana Karpuchina, the most valuable was that the concert was prepared on their own, independently: “ It worth mentioning that the teachers in “ Republic “ Pilgrim” never give up, they are very kind- hearted and patient. It is not easy to work with this contingent especially because of weak memory of the children and their inability to focus their attention. Though the teaching staff –worldly people, mostly of Russian Orthodox we haven’t had any conflicts on a religious soil within all the years of our joint work. Daily they witness our midday prayer of ministers and they also participate in our joint holidays where the word “God” is mentioned nonstop. In critical situations (state of emergency or state checks) the teachers show empathy and exercise diligence. God gave us united staff. At times we’d like them to be the members of our congregation and to say on entering a class: “Kids, Let us start the lesson with a prayer!” But I believe God had directed here those people we need, their professionalism and tolerance – is a good prove”.


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