«Pilgrim» reveals Canada

17 April

Pastor – pilgrim and adoptive father for 32 kids, a famous journalist, a TV presenter of the program “ 2 briefcases” and “Another prospective”, “the black briefcase” Gennadiy Mokhnenko had visited Russian churches in Canada where he was speaking at several services in Toronto and Montreal.
 The first great impression from Canada was made by friends – the   Velbovets. Sergey velbovets is a president of InVictory media group.  Ukrainian guests have never been to Canada before and this is why local well known landscapes have become wonderful addition to the busy schedule of the trip.
  Pastor Pilgrim told his story and told about the way he had gone through within 20 years of his ministry. On founding over 10 years ago the largest on the post soviet space center of children’s rehabilitation “ Republic Pilgrim”, Gennadiy could hardly imagine that one day in a short period of time he will reach out to people all around the world  and that the help to the orphans will occupy various Christian throughout all the denominations.
 Gennadiy Mokhenko: “I believe a man can change only with the help of God. You can give a child food, clothes and shoes but if you don’t let the kid be touched by God there won’t be any change. I can see that the Word works. We can help each child get into family. And in Christian family a child can get not only parents but God as well”.
 On Sunday morning the missionaries were met by the Ukrainian church of full Gospel, Pastor Alexey Maximishin. By the way, the Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada is one of the biggest in the world.
 Gennadiy Mokhenko: “It is so amazing that in such a remote place as Canada Ukrainian culture is so deeply rooted that some people don’t understand Russian but they speak fluent Ukrainian. Regardless of everything Ukrainians don’t forget their roots, continuing their ministry. It brings joy. And seeing open hearts of people is really impressive.  There is no such problem in Canada as orphans. There is another problem – to adopt. There are long lines for adoption. I want to believe and I hope that together we will be able to overcome this problem. God is much greater than we could ever imagine and He can act through each of us in others”.
 That very evening Gennadiy was invited to a town called London. As in many other churches there in the church called “ House of Prayer” pastor Gennadiy Mokhennko was sharing his testimonies and revelations, told how God changed lives, how God touched and about His plans as for each person of the Earth.
 Next morning they were waiting for the Ukrainian pastor at the French part of Canada. He spent ther ein montreal 2 nights, it took place in the church ‘Light of the Gospel”. Pastor Basilio Pavliuchuk was cordially glad to meet the Ukrainian pastor known to his church from the tv programs “2 briefcases” and “Another prospective”. There were also representatives from other churches present at the meetings – Verdun Lasall Baptist Church, Beth Ariel и New Canadian Baptist Church.   First night went in questions and answers. Mainly those were the questions as for the charity work of the fund “Pilgrim”, some people were concerned about the ways of raising children, with the difficulties of adoption. Gennadiy shared his experience that if your heart is ready don’t be scare but go ahead.
  Gennadiy Mokhenko: “It is surely worth it. One should make such decision in their lives and my sons and I are ready to do some crazy things in order to inspire people to adopt. Our bike trip worldwide “ World without orphans” has become such a crazy step. I told Canadians that there is a possibility that part of the bike trip will go through their second homeland. We discussed these questions also while having meetings with pastors and ministers of the Canadian churches. We’ll need some help to organize this part of the bike trip. And we will be very grateful if Russian Christians will respond to this cal and participate”. 


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