Pilgrims have opened the theatrical season

30 October

« The fairy tale on tsar Saltane » on motives of a known fairy tale of the classical writer Alexander Pushkin has made the big impression upon former homeless children. In this season it is their first going out to theatrical party.

It is not the first time when the Pilgrims come to the theatre to join the cultural life to watch and to listen to the entertainment performances. The Pilgrims’ psychologist Igor Kurashko arranged the free of charge viewings for the former street kids, he works at the theatre and he’s engaged with the pilgrims in the centre itself.

The children always come to the theatre with a great pleasure because it is more interesting than just watching movies on TV. This time the pilgrims asked many questions to the workers of the theatre, the basic question was: What is going to be if the luster falls down? They were told that the theatre is more than 100 years old that the luster is fixed very well and when it is necessary to wash it they lower it on a special cable.

After the performance there was an obligatory photo for memory, and of course the desire to come here again and again.


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