The pilgrims are future film and videoclips directors

27 November

These days the pilgrims intensively were getting prepared for the contest of directing the clips for different songs.

The work they have done amazed their teachers and mentors who were both spectators and jury. In this bright contest all the children of “Republic “Pilgrim” participated. They were divided into 5 teams and each team had to represent their masterpiece – creative work: to make a scene which depicts the subject of the song and of course the original acting.

The spectators could clearly see the transformation into real heroes. The kids took this challenge for granted and the mentors could see them in a completely new image – among them there were couples in love, school girls, robbers etc. The great impression made a scene made for the song “ Nobody is writing to the colonel” where the children in a playing form showed the military actions of the times the World War II.

The climax of the feast was karaoke contest. As a result after drawing the conclusion each of 5 teams got prizes, each -in their nomination: best scene, professionalism in acting, creative approach, excellent directing, and the best clip.

The children got a bunch of new impressions, revealed their creative talents and also – what is not less important they opened huge boxes with various sweets.


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