Pastor Gennadiy Moknenko – Mariupol is the city of a thousand towns of Bucha.

06 June

In the first days of the war, pastor and chaplain Gennady Mokhnenko evacuated the kids of his rehabilitation center, and then they began to evacuate other Mariupol residents, more than a thousand.
The Russians called a Nazi base his center for teenagers who found themselves in difficult life situations, so they had to be evacuated under the explosions all around them and surprisingly quickly, according to TSN.
“What happened to my hometown is genocide, no doubt about it. They turned my city into a graveyard,” says the pastor.
The rehabilitation center, which was organized by Gennady Mokhnenko in Mariupol, was known throughout the city. There the pastor gave shelter to orphans, teenagers and women in difficult life situations, but now the work of his life has been destroyed. “Now there is a Russian commandant’s office in my house. They sleep in the beds of my children. I had 35 adopted children, but I couldn’t go back and take out one of my daughters, they killed her,” says the pastor.
Gennady began to take out his kids from Mariupol on the first day of the war. After saving his closest ones, he began to save other countrymen. A few months later, together with other chaplains and volunteers, he evacuated more than 1,200 Mariupol residents. It was especially difficult when it was necessary to save the families of soldiers. “We found ways to bypass the filtration systems. Because many whom we evacuated, if they went through the filtration system, they would not have had any chance,” he says.
All the saved tell about the atrocities of the Russians and the city dotted with corpses. The mother of the volunteer Stas miraculously found the way out of Mariupol – she had to flee through Russia. “She ended up in Starobesheve for a filtration camp, passed the filtration. She has a Lviv registration, because they lived in Lviv for 7 years. Then from Moscow she got to Riga, and then I took her away, ”says the man.
“Mariupol is the city of a thousand towns of Bucha. Two days ago, one house was opened, one out of thousands, and in the basement more than 200 people died, but they burn those killed by them in crematorium. This is such an innovation of the Russian genocide, ”says Gennady.
Pastor Gennady wants to save everyone he can help.


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