The Eagle’s nest is an official foster family

03 February

The foster family “ Eagle’s nest” where 13 kids live finally has got all the official state documents. And the officials promise that in several months it is gonna be family type foster home officially. In the very day they got the official status one more child appeared in the family.

So far 8-year-old Vladislav shows interest only to computers and toys – something he didn’t have in his short life before getting here. His Dad refused from him and his Mom is imprisoned for drugs. The only grandmother was not very much interested in the boy, he didn’t attend school, he can neither read or write. His foster mother Olga says that the boy is quite talented but neglected. That is why in his age of 8 he has just started learning the world: asks a plenty of questions and can’t come off the computer. He is just looking narrowly to his new family because it is really hard for Vladislav to trust somebody so far. The other children in the family accepted him warmly and joyfully and it means that everything will be ok in their family.

Alongside with the new family member the foster family “ Eagle’s nest” got an official status. Now they are registered foster family. The foster parents Olga and Alexander are very happy because it is a big victory: the officials have moved from a dead point thereby having declared, that children will be contained by the state. And though on each child 2 living wages are necessary, that today in Ukraine makes 1400 UAH (about 155$), parents are glad: the life of each child is officially arranged now.

Now in the foster family there can officially live 6 children on whom the foster parents now legalize papers. When the status of the foster home of family type is received the quantity of children will grow. But regardless of the official obstacles, all the children who have been living in the family Miroshnyk, remain with them.


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