He killed his wife, She killed her husband. Today they are a new family. God crowned them.

05 November

Sergey and Irina Pisarchuk got married in the Church of Good Changes after long lasting wanderings through life and rehabilitation in the centers for addicts and alcoholics. In due time each of them has killed their match. God forgave them and gave a chance to start a new life.

Sergey is 45. He had time to be a drug addict, alcoholic and murderer. “Every family has its black sheep”. In such a way Sergey speaks about himself. He’s the only one who wasn’t intelligent in the family in which the dads of several generations were the navy officers.

“Now I am sure that only God can turn a disgusting duck into a swan. I know that God gave me this chance having changed me completely. My soul sings now”.

Before the repentance the embittered soul of Sergey used to sing other songs. Hitler was the object of his worship. He liked this image since very childhood and already later in prison when he got older he preached fascism.

Sergey was in prisons 3 times. One time – for the murder of his wife. “ When I was in prison she started committing adultery. She was deprived with parental rights to our 3 children. When I was released I forgave her but she continued to do the same. And one day I flied into a rage and rendered her 24 knife wounds”.

Sergey got to prison and she survived.

In 2000 he was released for the last time. And one day God has come to his life and for 3,5 years he praises only the Christ. He sings in a church chorus , prays and thanks God that He permitted him to praise Him. And all this time he used to pray for God to give him wife.

Irina is 45 too. She accidentally go to Mariupol from Lviv where she spent all her life. At the age of 19 Irina got married and had waited for baby already. Her husband was very jealous and used to beat the pregnant woman.

“I remember it was the 19th of August, the Orthodox celebrated Savior’s Day. He came home drunken again, started threatening and fighting. I couldn’t bear it any more and cut him twice with a knife”.

She was imprisoned for 7 years and gave birth to the baby there.

Having been released Irina tried to put her life in order. She managed to built some kind of career. But one day everything turned over again. The 12-year-old son of hers went to school and was found only in morgue. Since then the vice director in marketing at one of Lviv’s enterprises started drinking alcohol to get rid of her inner bitter. But women’s alcoholism id more awful than men’s. Women can hardly restore their health and life of full value.

But God had His own plans for Irina.

In 1999 Irina gave birth to a child again and said to herself that from now it’s going to be the other way. She accepted Christ in an evangelic church but she realized she must hide from worldly vain with the help of a rehab center to change completely.

“ Believe me, it’s hard to be close to somebody when you are 45 and you were alone all your life. But Sergey and I believe that it was not occasion that God crossed our ways. I get many revelations about the family now, how  to sacrifice myself for the beloved person/ It’s so great that God changes destinies.”

These days Sergey and Irina married in the Church of Good Changes. They serve God together in the village Zaharievka. Sergey has a great desire to become a pastor of the church.

“We learn to rely on God completely. We are certain that we reach God only with our prayers, utmost integrity and feedback for the Christ’s sake.


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