Do Alyona and Katya have a future?

30 September

In the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim” for years guys with various life stories show up. Some of them stay for a long time, some spend there only several months, others – just some days. But each life story is tough though different.

This Sunday two girls of 13 and 16 were taken to Pilgrim. Katya and Alyona had run away from a state boarding school and the night before they were wandering along the streets of Mariupol so police took them to the center. They were examined by the police and consequently taken to Pilgrim. They were washed, given good clean clothes and a bed. The very next day the girls told how they found themselves on street.
Alyona and Katya are half sisters, they have got one mother and different Dads. The older one – Alyona has never seen his father and knows nothing about him, the younger one Katya – knows only that her father lives somewhere in Ilyichiovsky district of Mariupol. The girls were living with their Mom and step father. There are also 2 little kids in the family – twin- sisters of 8 months old. Their Mom doesn’t work and drinks alcohol at times, step father is a trucker but when he drinks he beats them up. That’s why the girls spend my time on street; they don’t like staying at home. They got to boarding school when they were 7 and 10.
The older one was taken there by her mother after the car accident when she started stammering and for some reason the second girl found herself in the other boarding school too. Most probable it was just convenient for their mother to get rid of the girls. The girls come home for weekends only and all responsibility for raising the kids lie on the state institution. Each boarding school counts about 300 kids, at the day time one teacher is responsible for about 20-25 children. The question occurs: can such an institution bring up and implant skills and features of character for the social life that only family can give.
Alyona at her 16 would run away from home and boarding school many times, wouldn’t live at home for months, used alcohol, lived in civil marriage with an adult man. The girl has a hard time to find the comfortable place in life where it would be interesting for her and where there would be a prospect. When sharing with us about her hopes and dreams she expresses no belief in having any good future. “I’d like to become a hairdresser but I am not sure if I can.. you know after boarding school to go to college to find a good job?..” The younger one dreams to become a hairdresser too.
The girls really liked it in Pilgrim and both of them would like to stay for a while.


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