The day of Indian culture in ” Republic Pilgrim”

07 January

Traditions and peculiarities of indian culture, dances and songs of indians were shown to the children of the orphanage in all their variety.

It was organized by the guests from Donetsk. with the purpose to introduce this unusual country to the pilgrims.

Great impressions on the pilgrims were made by the bright costumes indian dancers were wearing. The kids got to know that it takes long time to get prepared for the performance – make up, lots of components of the costumes. During the concert there was also a socialization too so that the children could actually to talk to real indians, to ask them some questions about indian language, about the sense of indian dances and songs, the girls enquired how hard it is to learn to dance such kind of dancing and they had a look at musical instruments of this nation. To make the impression full the guests gave some gifts to the kids – quite unordinary actually – traditional indian bakery and exotic fruit.

The event was very bright and unusual. The kids in ” Republic Pilgrim” liked it a lot and it widened their outlook so much.


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