“City of Masters” in the “Republic Pilgrim”

17 August

Due to the extended quarantine, the pilgrims’ summer vacation is significantly different from the usual program. The kids and adolescents were not able to travel this year, they couldn’t make tourist outings and conduct cultural tours. However, life in “Republic Pilgrim” is going on.

Recently, a real “City of Masters” has been held in the center of children’s rehabilitation. Several workshops were organized on its territory, where the kids could acquire useful skills, learn something new, and enthusiastically create their masterpieces.
New talents were discovered in each workshop. The kids showed themselves in science, art, in the workshop of culinary and applied arts. Everyone was able to find activities to their liking. The guys enthusiastically cooked, created the design of handmade postcards, came up with texts for an outstanding person, made gifts to each other, created crafts on biblical themes. In the scientific research workshop, the guys touched the micro world, examining through a microscope various objects from wild nature and those created by man. They made their first discoveries. Of course, contemporary kinds of art were not ignored either. They were creating the design of drawings on the face (face painting). Having visited each workshop, the pilgrims earned “golden ducats”, depending on their efforts and work, as well as for their enthusiasm and perseverance, which was also an additional stimulus for the children’s activity.
The time spent in the “City of Masters” left no one indifferent. In addition to bright unforgettable impressions, at the end of the workshops, the guys tasted the results of their culinary art and fervently discussed the work of the “City of Masters”.

Tatyana Karpukhina, Director of the children’s rehabilitation center: “We saw how much it inspires the children, how it expands their capabilities. Therefore, the children, alongside with us, adults, made a unanimous decision to continue this wonderful idea of ​​the “City of Masters. “In the future, we plan to add new workshops so that children could develop and acquire new useful skills, and, undoubtedly, strengthen those already acquired”.


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