Ecclesiastical Order of Mariupol teacher of Christian ethics

30 September

Oksana Pavlova taught Russian literature and ethics in the early years of the opening of small-size classes of school № 18 in the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim.” She now teaches former street kids ethics, Christian ethics and literature.

From the beginning Oksana was and is can find a common language with the children, and specially treat every pilgrim. She convinced that they are very talented kids that have not yet revealed all their potential. She is always very warmth, caring and understanding to each of the students. Children respond to her the same, and always in her class behaved very well, openly interested in things that are taught by Oksana.

Being deeply religious, Oksana Pavlova dreams that every school would teach the Word of God. Together with a team of enthusiasts, has made the program available in several schools in Mariupol, which now became the subject of “Christian ethics”. Although this item is optional, attendance has always been and remains very high. Children with interest go to lessons on the history of Christianity, study the Bible characters, involved in a variety of Bible quizzes and performances, as well as in the open classes. Oksana also participates in the author’s children’s television show, “SPRING” on local TV, where in a very simple way talks to children about gospel.

Recently, the contribution of Oksana Pavlova in the spread of Christianity was greatly appreciated. During Ukrainian national Christian church leadership conference she was awarded the St. Catherine Medal II degree of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The medal was awarded for achievements in spreading the Christian doctrine.

Oksana Pavlova, teacher: “For me, this is an unexpected gift. I realized that God wants what I do, and I shall continue to serve and to climb new spiritual peaks. Children are ready to listen to the gospel, we must remember that “the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few”; we need to increase the spirituality of our children. We Christians believe that our reward in heaven, but the reward for me as a confirmation of earth, that we are working not for nothing on this earth … ”

Oksana Pavlova believes that in the future, each school will be introduced to the subject of “Christian ethics”, where children can learn about God and the Word of God, because it is very important that the Christian state the younger generation to know more about Christ and the history of Christianity.


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