The former street kid prepares to issue his first audio album.

05 October

Each of his songs is some kind of the masterpiece of the heart of worshiper. Among the most favorite songs: “ We’ll live with you forever”, “ You created everything!”, “I used to live in darkness…” and the newest one – “ I am gonna sing to you”.

Presently Andrei prays and wait for the opportunity to go on recording the album.

Andrei Dudin was born in an artistic family, – his mother worked in Moscow circus as an air gymnast. But by 1987 when Andrei was born the family has started to break up. The reason – frequent wine parties of Andrei’s father. After the divorce in broken family very unpleasant things started happening. His Mother started drinking alcohol. Andrei’s elder brother committed suicide and the middle brother got to the psychiatric hospital. Little Andrei was only 6. In this oppressive situation he decided to run away from home.

Since then his wanderings started and they had lasted for 6 long years. The boy used to come home from time to time but mostly he lived in the basements. Sometimes he was lucky and compassionate people didn’t shut the door at once and gave some food. The boy slept on somebody’s old clothes on the cold cement floor of the entrance of the block of flats. And he found the company of similar boys. Within this time Andrei tried drugs, snuffed glue, drank and smoked.

When he was 12 a woman from the local church used to come to their basement bringing the warm food. Galina used to tell the street kids and addicts about God. Soon the kindhearted woman invited the adolescents in the half ruined building where it was planned to open the Christian Church.

On coming to this abandoned building the boy was very much surprised with what he’d seen.

Andrei Dudin: “I didn’t expect at all to see only one more or less good for living room where about 15 street children stayed. Instead of beds they had slag blocks with old wooden doors on them. The children used to sleep stacks. Well, it wasn’t easy because several children suffered from enuresis. But nevertheless I still decided to stay there. Suddenly I realized that somebody needs me here and nobody will betray me… Sister Galina cooked food for us at her place and brought it to us. Her husband Grigoriy was our instructor, he told us about God and prayed for us”.

The very first days after his coming Andrei made a decision to repent. It happened in the 4th of February 2000. He immediately quitted smoking and other harmful habits. Andrei points out that those times they had a lack of coziness but all this was recompensed by the atmosphere and the warmth of the hearts of people who served them. In a definite period of time the children started praying for the renovation in the building and for the salvation of other street kids. And already in the autumn of 2001 God made a miracle, – the renovations started in the building.

Andrei longed to God wholeheartedly, at the age of 12 he used to walk with the Bible in his hands and dreamt to become a pastor in future. In 2002 on forming the state of former street kids “Republic “ Pilgrim” namely Andrei became the first president of the republic. He was very serious and differed from other street kids, he had an authority for many boys. This very time the young president started learning to play acoustic guitar and already in 2003 he entered the Mariupol Musical School. In 2006 when he was 19 Andrei accepted the ministry of worship leader of the Church of Good Changes. His style in worshiping was and is inimitable. Unusual sincerity in the relationships with God is characteristic to him and it helps the parishioners to reject the formalism and to be maximum openhearted in the worship to God.

In 2007 Andrei graduated from the Donetsk Music School in the class of jazzy guitar. He has several moving author’s songs. Presently Andrei Dudin continues ministering God in Worship, works as a teacher in the Music School and plans to enter the Music Academy in Donetsk.

Andrei Dudin: “ I am happy that God has disposed of my destiny in such a way. I am happy that then, at the age of 12, I had enough wisdom to follow Him, to stay with Him and to become a Person. I am convinced that whatever circumstances and situations are waited for me in my life, I can rely on my God, He is my Father and I am not orphan”.


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