05 March

The boys from “Republic “Pilgrim” have a new hobby. They collect the models of real cars. The exhibition of toy models under the title “Auto show” has taken place on the initiative of the senior mentor Edward Khachaturov.

The participators of the auto show were the guys from the foster homes and Artyom Alifirenko who was adopted by the deacon of the church. The boys who exhibited their car models had not only to collect their own models – they had to be aware of the history of the cars, of the countries of their origin.

The mentor Edward Khachaturov shares that the similar hobby creates in their character the features of economy. It is very useful for adolescents, moreover for the former street kids.

Edward Khachaturov: « It contributes to their development, and after all, they are boys – to know a lot about cars is exciting and prestigious. That is why we are going to cultivate in them hobbies like that. Maybe someone of them will become a famous collector and who knows, may b, an owner of the concern producing luxury cars. You never know the plans of God!”

During the exhibition the curious visitors came into the hall, and the weird collectors turned into young guides who gladly shared their knowledge and showed exclusive models.

In the number of exhibits the victory belongs to Vitaliy Sakharov from the foster home for HIV+ kids. He presented to the attention of the visitors more than 100 car models.

Among the winners there are also Edward Lisichenko from “ Eagle’s Nest” and Bogdan Petlitskiy from “ Guards”. Artyom Alifirenko got Grand Prix of the exhibition. He was waited for the special prize from Edward Khachaturov – mini model BMW 645.

For the children such an auto show is a big stimulus because the winners have an opportunity to start to learn driving.


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