The 13-year –old Sergey saw his mom he hadn’t seen for 7 years

19 November

After 7 long and torment years of separation with his Mom thinking of where she is the pupil of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “ Pilgrim” Sergey Kucheruk has found his Mom. His trustee Gennady Mokhnenko helped him to do it. They met in Donetsk, the city where Serge was born.

Pastor Gennady got to know the address of Sergey’s Mom accidentally. Practically at once he decided to go with the boy to Donetsk to find out if Mom is alive and if yes – to let him give a hug to his closest person.

On arriving to the house the boy got more and more silent – he worried. 7 years – is a huge term for everything to change. Pastor Gennady did his best to explain to the adolescent that anything might happen within this period. Getting off the car the boy said:
– Ok, good luck, let’s go!

The house met the guests with a huge lock on the door. The neighbors said the Lidia worked not far from the place in a cafe.

They found her quickly.
– Are you Lydia?
– Yes, it’s me.
– D’you remember your son Sergey?
– Yes, I remember.

The mother of Sergey was shocked, she could hardly show any emotions towards her son first 30 min.
– Oh, how tall you are now. You look like your Dad…

She hugged him and couldn’t still realize that 7 years had passed and her son is already 13.

Pastor Gennady told he that she can be proud of her son Serge. He’s a champion, a conqueror and he’s doing well. The mother smiled and invited them to the cafe where she worked. As it turned out later Serge had a brother of 3 and it made him terribly happy.

In the course of their talk they found out that Serge’s Mom came to Jesus 2 years ago and now she attends a Christian church. It made everybody happy. Only one thing was really sad: Lydia and her son Daniel have no place to live. Her husband doesn’t work and drinks and those days he expelled her and little Daniel out. Pastor Gennady expressed his confidence that from now on she and her little son are gonna be all right.

Mom and son were saying good-bye for a long time. They didn’t have time to cry much for they had to go urgently. Pastor Gennady invited Lydia to come to them and promise to help to find lodging and a job there. But the main thing has happened – Mom has been found. She tried to find Sergey but she was said in the state orphanage that he had run away and they didn’t give any documents to her as far as she was deprived of paternal rights.

Today Sergey is 13. He saw his Mom 7 years ago in his home city Donetsk. At that time he was taken to the state orphanage and his Mom was deprived of paternal rights for immoral conduct. Serge had run away from the orphanage seeking for some freedom, he used to wander, to steal, to beg and to snuff the glue.

One day he got to Mariupol whare he got to know that there’s a children’s center . In 2004 he stepped into a threshold of “ Republic Pilgrim” and stayed there.

Within these 3 years Sergey had time to become a champion of Ukraine in boxing among the pupils of his age , conquered Elbrus and Goverla mounts. And what is the most important – he’s got a family – his father ( it’s hard to call him trustee) Gennady Mokhnenko, a pastor and a president of the Charity Fund “ Pilgrim”, – is proud of him. He firmly believes that the boy has excellent prospective in future and one don’t need much to manage it : just love, care and attention, family center and confidence that you will not be forsaken.


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