Russian – Ukrainian Aybolit (our version of Dr. Dolittle). ( The African journal of the pastor – Pilgrim) Part 5

10 February

One of the amazing people who invest his heart into Africa is Dr. Kirill. The young man from Russia has been saving lives of the kids on the Equator for a few years now alongside with the Ukrainian team of missionaries.


His clients in most cases are kids and adults from slums. Mostly these people can’t afford any basic medical help and Kirill turns into an angel guard for them.

Within these years the doctor himself has fallen sick with various African diseases. I remember one episode from one of my trips when he was sick with malaria and was helping a little boy picking warms from his body…

On the picture you can see one of his visits some days ago. They injected a fellow and treated a girl who burnt her legs with boiled water.

Kirill, I just want to say THANKS once more to you and to your spouse for your committed life to the ministry!!!


The angels with blankets.

The obligatory thing in the program of my team on the equator is a night raid to the streets to seek for street kids. Though it is not hard to find them here at all. The boys who sleep in sacks can be found here practically at every corner.

The majority of people who come with me to Africa for the first time have never seen something like that in their life. Children and teens sleep in rows curled up leaning to each other.

We have bought blankets and on making a hole in it preliminary for them not to be taking away from them and sold. We just wrap them up in them and bless them. Trust me, it is a real miracle for the kids when we come at night with blankets.


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