A German teenager has become a pilgrim

17 January

The work of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim” is directed towards the rehab of the adolescents with deviant behavior, with a drug addiction, a toxic addiction, an addiction of computer games. Often having got to know about positive results of the rehab here, parents bring their teenage kids to “Pilgrim” from other countries.

Recently parents of a teenager, who managed to try a lot of things at his age of 14, starting with a simple disobedience, turned to Pilgrim for help. The family was living in Germany and the boy started fighting with his same ages, stealing motor rollers and as a result had problems with the police. Then his parents decided it would be better for them to bring their son to Ukraine but the problems here didn’t reduce sooner increased. First he tried alcohol and then drugs. In his school’s cafeteria Nikita (the name of the boy) could easily find a drug dealer who delivered pod and narcotic powders.

Nikita: “When I started smoking I thought I would be able to give up it easily….but I could not”. 

Soon his parents noticed something was going wrong with their son and his father told him he would be sent to a boarding school if he doesn’t change his behavior. Nikita thought those were just words. One day he ran away from home and smoked with his friends so much that could barely stand on his feet. His Dad found him but he ran away from him again and came home only in the morning. After that his father was decisive and found in the internet some information about “Republic Pilgrim” and brought his son to the rehabilitation.

Nikita is not used to strict rules and to following the precise day schedule. To classes and discipline this is why the restrictions and control provoked the boy to feel discomfort and inner rebellion. He didn’t do anything at classes. Was rude to his teachers and was considered to be the toughest new comer in the center.

Things went even worse when he and one more boy from “Pilgrim” decided to escape. Street didn’t treat them too well so they returned to Pilgrim themselves. This time on street provoked them to rethink it all and the guys begged apologize and were in remorse about what they have done.

Nikita: « When I was away on my own and when I got back I realized that I had done so many mistakes. I am sick of such life. I want to change. I thank God I could stop. When I am back to Germany I will surely tell my friends that it is worth living normal life”.


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