Incredible adventures of the Bear – Pilgrim

06 May

The teddy bear from Pilgrim (the gift of one of our princesses – Oksana to a volunteer and a photographer Conor Macfarlane) travels around the world!!! 


It has been to only to Kiev, Kishinev and Chernobyl… It talked to dinosaurs in Milan, looked at the Last Supper by Da Vinchi, rode in an Italian Ferrari, admired the views of Bologna, visited the mountains Titano, had a glass of Pepsi in Sharm-El-Sheikh, has been to the pilgrimage tour in Jerusalem ,prayed for Mariupol at the Wailing Wall, visited Mount Sinai, showed up in Cairo’s museums and Morocco, paid a visit to Paris, walked on the streets of Dublin, casually dropped in Dubai, enjoyed the views of Australia and New Zealand !!!


P.S. Conor, received an inheritance from his relative and used the money in a very unusual way. He invested it in the trip to Honduras orphanage and the frontline state of former street kids “Republic Pilgrim” (he spent 4 months with us). All this time, there were shellings around the Mariupol suburbs, he served as a volunteer. 25-year-old man, in the midst of war, was teaching the kids English, arranged for them cool parties, took them to the attractions. To cut the long story short – Thank you, Connor for your heart to the kids!!! Say hello to the bear from us, we are proud of him, and of course we are a little jealous!!!)))


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