1 million signatures to support the action “Sick of it”

03 May

We ask to help us to collect 1 million signatures to support the action “Sick of it. The director of the fund Gennady Mokhnenko declared his intention to collect 1 mln signatures. The charity fund “Pilgrim” – is the largest rehab project in Ukraine. During 9 years the fund carries out in Mariupol and in the other 23 branches the active work on rehabilitation of drug-addicted teens and adults.

Presently more than 400 people, having problems with drugs, have their rehab course in all the open branches. The fruits of this work are many changed lives, kids returned to families and to normal life.

However working with addicts we come to the conclusion that any actions of rehab projects can’t stop the hurricane growth of popularity of drugs  in our society.

In 2004 the Ministry of Health excluded the pills Tramadol
(tramal, tramalgin) from the list of poisonous medical means, that led to massive open sale of this medicine. For thousands of young man in Mariupol, Donetsk and Ukraine in the whole it became the step to the deep drug addiction. And it is a serious threat to the national genofund. Because those who take tramadol today, will not be able to be the members of society of full value tomorrow. The addiction occurs very fast: for some people it’s enough to take the pills for 10 days to become “ the tramadol slave”, constantly raising the day dose.

The action “Sick of it” was supported by many public organizations and mass media. Unfortunately at the state level no decision was made, tramadol is still sold in the pharmacies openly, and no criminal liability is stipulated.


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