Elections 2014. Official announcement.

13 February

Since a few adolescents, who used to occupy quite a leading position in the government of the state of former street kids “Republic Pilgrim”, have finished their rehab course and there are some vacancies in the government. The gap stage of the elections of the new government 2014 will take place in the 14th of February.

To be a part of the government of “Republic Pilgrim”” is a big responsibility and honor but it is also quite profitable. The officials get wages in the official currency in the Republic – PiliHryvnas.

Natalya Kravchenko, a mentor of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”: “The children are worried and nervous since the elections are at hand. The elections always inspire not only the candidates but also the current government: they work more actively since they get that their office is elective so they try their best to do their duties conscientiously”.

The peculiarity of the current elections is that any child and any teenager in every team nominated one person who is worthy to occupy the leading positions. If the candidate gains 50% of the votes they will automatically get a leading position.

All the citizens of “Republic Pilgrim” are participating in the elections as well as those who work in the Charity Fund “Pilgrim”.


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