The Mariupol explorers intend to conquer the Montblanc

24 July

The children from the center of children’s rehabilitation “ Pilgrim” are going to conquer the Montblanc mountain.

Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko has shared today about it.

Gennadiy Mokhnenko has shared that the children of the children’s rehab center “Pilgrim” intend to head to the new unprecedented journey – the conquering of the Mont Blanc mountain which is also called “ The White mountain”. It is the largest crystalline massif in Western Europe, its height reaches 4810 m. It is located on the border of Italy and France. The goal of the action is to propagate the idea of adoption. Gennadiy Mokhnenko told that due to such actions over 1500 kids found new families and the adoptive parents all over the world send him emails with the words of gratitude. “Adopted kids are not kids of second class. They are normal kids. They found themselves on streets not because something is wrong with them but because something is wrong with us, grown-ups, with our society. – assures the pastor.
Gennadiy tells that in his life he has been having 33 adopted kids and he asks all others to overcome myths and fears and to adopt kids. “ Do not be scared. Take an orphan to your family. It is perhaps the best thing you will ever do in life””- he states.
As for the journey the pastor tells that there are 12 people in the team including a doctor and 6 of them are his adopted kids ( by the way, there will be some of his first ones and last adopted kids in the team).

All the partakers of the storm of the Montblanc are experienced bikers, they have an expertise in overcoming of thousands of kilometers but for many of them it is going to be the first serious ascension. At the village called Shimani the team will have its acclimatization and will spend a few days in trainings.
“ Two days, the third day is a reserve, this is our plan to conquer the mountain. It is our task”- Gennadiy shares.
At present the participants of the ascension practice using ice breaks, ice axes, insurances and other necessary tools.
“One of these days my 33rd son made me laugh. He said: “ Dad, if you fall to the right, I will fall to the left for the rope to keep us in balance”. – pastor shared.


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