Республика пилигрим

The friendship of the police and the Pilgrim

23 July

Robbery, burglary, car thefts and drugs are not just crimes but also a reason to get acquainted with policemen. The majority of the kids in the center “Republic Pilgrim” at their early age have already had the negative experience of meeting the police as a result of the offences they committed.

However the policemen are ready to break the stereotypy “Police = Problems” to form as a consequence another image of law and order in the minds of the adolescents. For this purpose the management of the children’s center together with the management of the Police Department of the area conducted a number of events in the form of conversations and fellowship with the guys.

As a result the pilgrims got to know that turning to the police is not something negative but it is also a helpline, the police hotline where one can get to know about his or her rights and to get information in a matter of interest, to see the solution of the problem. The kids are convinced now that police can be a helper and a friend.

Beside that the policemen turned out to be quite creative and they made up a contest for the kids in Pilgrim and this contest had been held for a month. Its results determined the winners in a number of nominations: studies, appearance, behavior and many others. The winner received personal gifts with logos of the police and the certificates.


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