New Year’s show in “Republic Pilgrim”

28 December

Couple days till New Year and it is a good chance for the pilgrims to show their talents and creativity.

Each year in the eve of New Year’s the children from the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim” prepare a special performance and this year is not an exception. But this time it was quite different in story and had lots of interaction with the audience. What was really special is that there were many guests in the audience – parents and kids from foster homes, from the project “Young Mommy” as well as of the children of the staff. All the children of Pilgrim has lots of rehearsals to learn the words by heart and to act perfectly playing their parts of the show and they took a lot of time to chose a special outfit.

The story of the New Year’s performance was about a lazy Father Frost who was just tired and didn’t want to do his direct duties to bring the kids the New Year’s gifts. So within the whole show the kids tried their best to make the Father Frost get up – they sang songs and recited poems and solved riddles with the only purpose to wake the father Frost up and to make him move and bring gifts to the kids. The children were so excited they laughed joyfully and the laughter was so infectious that it was heard by Gennadiy Mokhnenko and he had to leave his daily office routine and visited their show. The kids sure enough surrounded him and made him participate in their New Year’s fun.

 Tatyana Karpukhina, the principle of the Republic Pilgrim: “It is just the beginning of our holiday adventures, we have so much fun stuff in store for the kids but we’ll tell you about them later!”.


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