The Pilgrim’s mission: party in the center for handicapped kids

03 December

Right before the International Day of people with disabilities the children from the center of children’s rehabilitation “ Republic Pilgrim” have prepared a special concert and have performed in the children’s center “ Believe in yourself”.

Over 19000 handicapped people live in Mariupol, and 2000 of them are kids. One of the center for disabled kids has been having friendly relationships with the pilgrims for years now. Within this time the children and their teachers have done a lot of concerts and different events together there in the center “ Believe in yourself”.

This is why in such a day the pilgrim could not stand aside so they decided to come and share with their friends the entertaining program they prepared and celebrated this international day together.

The pilgrims were singing songs and recited poems, performed with a piece of drama and just played with the kids basing their games on an individual approach to each kid. And after that the pilgrims were giving away gifts they have prepared for them. The sweet treatment that was prepared for them there in the center at the end of the concert program has become a great surprise for everyone.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the principle of the CCR “Republic Pilgrim”: “I can see that such events benefit not only those kids with disability who enjoyed the concert but also the children from “Republic Pilgrim”. They learn not only to receive but to give. They learn to perceive handicapped people as equal, to treat them with understanding and adequately perceive them as people with special needs”.


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